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On 10/20/11 I entered a Hess station at Academy & grant aves.Phila Pa 19114,it was a very windy day with gusts up to 50 mph.Upon entering I heard a loud noise and felt something dragging under my car.The mansger saw what happened, the lid from a trash container blew off a became lodged under my car. the manager and had to jack the car up to remove it.

It caused minimal damage to my car door on the passenger side.I filled out a brief report at the request of the manager.The next day the tire on the same side of car developed a slow leak,I took it to a tire shop and was told the air pressure sensor had been knocked loose by the impact. I returned to the station and spoke to the manager and he told me to call the company my self as he did all he could by submitting the report. I made two calls one week apart and was told some one would get back to me. I have not heard a thing in more than a month.As a direct result neither I nor any member of my family will patronize a Hess station.

I had just purchased the car thirty minutes before the incedent.

Dennis P Russell 9230 Wooden Bridge Rd. Phila Pa.19114 215-677-3379

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*** Hess. I told them to turn off those kick-a$$ fans before something blew under a car. I think they laughingly refer to this as an act o' god.


The manager is so nice to help you but now he is in trouble. Sometimes I want help friends, neighbors but sorry, NO.

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